Season 1 Episodes

Season 1: "The Road to Justice" focuses on the 1999 murders of J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett.

Episode 0: Meet the 3 Men

Episode 1: The Timeline

Episode 2: Physical Evidence

Episode 3: Johnny Barrentine Part 1

Episode 4: False Admissions

Episode 5: Who is Coley McCraney?

Episode 6: Coley McCraney's Defense

Episode 7: DNA Expert Interviews

Episode 8: McCraney's Bond and Grand Jury Hearings

Episode 9: Defense Attorney Andrew Scarborough Interview

Episode 10: Tips, Rumors and F.B.I. Info

Episode 11: Season 1 Finale LiveStream

Join us in trying to bring the truth to light. If you have information that can help, please use the appropriate contact information below.

  • Dale County District Attorney’s office: 334-774-9500
  • Coley McCraney's attorney is Andrew J. Scarborough: 334-678-8200 or email
  • Dale County Sheriff's Office: 334-774-2335 or visit
  • Ozark Police Department: 334-774-2644
  • Dale County Crimestoppers: 334-774-9999